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In today's overly-competitive world, it is imperative that you stay ahead of the competition if you want to survive. To do so takes a little more than just hard work. You need the latest and best equipment available. But can you afford it, without putting undue financial pressure on your business?

The answer is Yes, with Allen Capital as your financial partner. Our financial products are easy to qualify for and can be tailored to meet specific needs, providing real cash-flow advantages without a major cash outlay. With our help your company can put the equipment you need to work for you immediately.

  • Low monthly payments
  • Minimal up-front costs
  • Preserve your bank borrowing lines
  • Simple and Easy process
  • Dedicated Team every step of the way

One Solution for All Your Equipment Financing Needs

It really doesn’t take huge resources to grow a business. What it does take is creative thinking on how to get where you want to be, with a proven source of funding.

That source is Allen Capital. You see, our programs and services are matched to your needs. We can tailor a program to meet your specific requirements without having a negative effect on your cash flow.

Working Hard to Say YES!

In this challenging equipment finance marketplace, Allen Capital would like to ensure you that on every application we receive for Allen Equipment, we promise to do everything we can to say YES!

We call it One Solution

Our “One Solution” commercial lending products un-complicate even the most complicated equipment acquisitions. Additionally, thanks to our flexible and open minded approach, we look beyond basic credit and financial information to define a good credit risk.

  • 100% financing, including consumables
  • All types of equipment financed, both new and used.
  • Bank lines of credit remain free for other important uses
  • Payments are usually lower than with other methods of financing, so you may actually be able to afford even more of today's best cutting-edge equipment.
  • Programs can be structured for various tax benefits.

Our financial programs can be structured to meet your business needs and many have been developed with the concrete contractor in mind.

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Financing with Allen Capital

There is nothing like
to help a business grow!

Consider some of the  benefits:

  • 100% financing with reduced up-front cash outlay compared to other forms of financing.
  • Allows lines of credit to remain free for other uses.
  • Lower payments may actually allow you to more effectively invest your capital dollars.
  • Payments are fixed and unaffected by fluctuations in the market.
  • Can be structured to provide tax benefits.

Just a few of our programs to help you with your financing needs:

  • Traditional Financing:—Equipment Financing Agreements with terms ranging from 1 – 5 years
  • Leases—Financing type as well as tax oriented lease agreements.
  • Commercial Vehicle —Specialized transportation equipment financing via loans & leases.
  • Flex plans—Programs such as our contractor seasonal skip program, 90 day deferred payment plans, plus many more to help you with your unique situation

For More Information:

Allen Capital Relationship Managers

George Vandel ext. 123
Direct: 605.444.1103
Cell: 605.321.9815

Doug Fuller ext 121
(800) 883.4071
(816) 587.3400
Fax:  (816) 587.7455

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

*For all international customers, please contact your local distributor for financing options.