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Financing For Success

Success doesn't come easy. It takes hard work, determination and in some cases, the right people to help you get to where you want to go. No matter the size of your organization, you need to make sure you have the equipment it takes to get the job done. But can you afford all the equipment you need without putting undue financial pressure on your business? Yes, you can with Allen Capital.

Stan Reece Concrete is one of numerous success stories. Approximately one year ago Stan Reece was looking to buy additional equipment from Allen Engineering through its local distributor, United Rentals/Westside Equipment Nashville, TN. He had a large pour coming up and wanted to explore the quickest and easiest way for him to get this equipment and at the same time, not tie up his bank lines. That's when Chuck Stone, regional sales manager for Allen Engineering, introduced Stan to Allen Capital.

"Allen Capital has allowed me to increase my business in several areas. First, they helped me finance my equipment (Allen Riders and Spreaders, Somero Laser Screed, and even a cargo truck and trailer) which allowed me to increase my concrete floor pours from approximately 25,000 square feet per day to 50,000 square feet per day. In addition to the larger pours, I have also been able to improve the flatness and quality of the floors. Plus, by financing the equipment, I have been able to reduce my labor and rental expenses. I have been able to take the money I saved here and put it back into my company and continue to grow my business. I come from the old school where you generally met face to face with your banker for financial assistance. In today's hi-tech world, that is not always possible, nor is it necessary. I was amazed how quickly Allen Capital was able to get my credit application approved, paperwork handled, and my vendors funded. Plus, they continue to make it easy for me to get even more equipment, and my company has benefited from working with them."

- Stan Reece, Stan Reece Concrete

Allen Capital, a specialist in construction equipment financing, offers programs for all types of equipment and situations. We have programs tailored around the needs of the concrete contractor and can help you get the equipment you need to succeed. For more information or to discuss your equipment financing needs, please call Jonathan Carrizzo at 1-866-879-8795, ext 614