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Why Walk When You Can Ride?

Rider Revolution! "Why walk, when you can ride?" has always been the question asked by Dewayne Allen, president of Allen Engineering. Now more than 12 years after the first "Red Rider" was built, more and more concrete contractors are joining the Rider Revolution!

What is driving this revolution in the way concrete is finished? Is it the need for higher quality, flat concrete floors (as measured by Ff Numbers)? Is it the need for greater productivity with a contractor's finishing operation (as measured by profit numbers)? Is it the significant increase in square footage size of daily concrete pours (as driven by the fast track schedules)? Or, is it the unwillingness of the new generation of concrete finishers to work as hard as the generation before it? Most concrete construction company owners and operators that we speak with today say it's all these factors and more. AllenĀ® RazorbackĀ® Riding Trowels simply help contractors do more high-quality work with less people than ever thought possible 12 years ago! "Large pour areas are a common event today, creating the need for faster, more powerful and heavier machines. Allen Engineering is producing the products that satisfy these needs. The Super Pro 400 and 450 are good examples of tools that finishers want on these big jobs," says Tom Leyes, veteran Allen Regional Sales Manager.

Riding trowels with pans are a common sight on concrete pours today, but this was not the case ten years ago. When Dewayne Allen first proposed that floating discs or pans be placed on Riding Trowels in 1990, most contractors thought he was nuts! Today, most concrete contractors will tell you that the riding trowel with pans is one of the most revolutionary tools of the century to impact the quality and productivity of concrete floors.

Allen Engineering has invested heavily over the years in new riding trowel technology. Not only were we the first company to put pans on a rider, we were also first with high horse-power, high performance riders and joystick, power steering on riders.

Now with Riding trowels even appearing on custom home slabs, we know that there are still many concrete contractors who have yet to experience the benefits of a ride-on power trowel. The revolution shows no signs of stopping.

Allen is proud of the fact that Razorback Riders have set the pace for the Rider Revolution. With 25 different models in three different series, Allen has the riding trowel to meet your needs!

For more info on our Allen Riders, call us at 1-800-643-0095.