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Flat Floors

Companies occupying retail space and warehouse operators, for the most part want flat floors. They may be interested in appearance or functionality depending on the intended use of the floor.

It is recommended that the designer/architect/engineer understand the owner’s requirements and specify these parameters in the contract documents in F Numbers.

The FACE Company solved a vague and misunderstood specification about floor tolerances and gave the industry a method to specify and measure floor levelness and flatness in the 1980’s. The F Number system is now an ACI standard and is widely accepted in the industry.

Accurate screeding will ensure the levelness of a concrete slab and the finishing process will produce the ultimate flatness of the floor. A variety of screeding devices include Truss Screeds, Laser Screeds, Floating Screeds and hand held straight edges. All have varying degrees of accuracy, and all depend upon the skill of the user.

Finishing is the next step...

In the early 1990’s, Dewayne Allen, founder of Allen Engineering Corporation (AEC), started thinking about putting float pans on a rider trowel. Something as simple as attaching these flat pans on a rider changed the way concrete contractors finished floors around the world. This technology eliminated the necessity for a finisher to walk in wet concrete to float the slab.

The Allen sales team, armed with FACE Dipsticks, showed the entire industry that a riding trowel with float pans could increase floor flatness by 100%. A typical floor in 1990 would measure FF25 when floated with a walk behind trowel with clip on floats. Waiting a little longer and using a rider with float pans would consistently measure FF50 or better. This was huge and is now the industry standard.

Allen Engineering continues to be an innovator with concrete screeding and finishing machines!