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Allen Introduces the New MSP 470 (Mechanical Super Pro) Riding Trowel

The Allen MSP 470 is a totally new Hydraulic-Steering, Mechanical-Drive Riding Trowel in the Allen riding trowel line-up. The powerful diesel engine, patent-pending torque converter clutch system, super heavy-duty gearboxes and Spiders provides a great weight-to-horsepower performer for large and small contractors. This new workhorse features a raised operator platform and comfortable hydraulic joystick steering making this one of the most ergonomically designed riding trowels on the market. The MSP 470 is the latest addition to Allen’s Mechanical Super Pro (MSP) Series of Riders.


Allen Introduces the New MSP 450 (Mechanical Super Pro) Riding Trowel

The MSP450 is a totally new manual steering, mechanical-drive riding trowel in the Allen Riding Trowel line-up. The new patent-pending torque converter clutch system, high horsepower, and low weight-to-horsepower ratio makes the new MSP450 a "torque monster" among four foot diameter mechanical drive riding trowels, providing ample torque for floating with pans as well as high speed for finishing. The raised operator platform and specially designed manual operating levers make the MSP450 one of the easiest steering manual machines on the market.


Allen Introduces the New HDX 610 (Hydra-Drive Extreme) Riding Trowel

The Allen HDX610 is a totally new hydraulic-powered riding trowel. Designed to provide the power and torque demanded for panning, and the high rotor speed (160 RPM) required for finishing, giving today's contractors just what they have been asking for. The weight-to-horsepower ratio and hydraulic components (including a patented hydraulic load sensing device) makes the HDX610 a "stand out" among all hydraulic riders. The 46" diameter, 6-blade rotors that provide 100" panning capacity not only increases productivity, but also increases floor flatness.

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