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Polyester Concrete Overlays

The benefits to polyester bridge deck and highway overlays include shorter lane closures, increased live load capacities, higher tensile strength and a greater resistance to impact. The polyester concrete overlay can be placed as thin as 3/4” and up to 12” thick in a single lift.

Due these benefits, many states are resurfacing their roads and bridges with polyester concrete overlays. In 2014, the state of Colorado awarded Truesdell Corporation the contract which included joint repair and resurfacing of twenty bridges on a 9-mile stretch of I70 West through Glenwood Canyon. The compact size of the Allen APSFP-800 Polyester Paver with its’ standard dolly jack system allows for easy loading and unloading in existing lane closures which expedites the paving process and makes for quicker lane openings once the job is finished.

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To complete this project, Truesdell Corporation looked to Allen Engineering Corporation (AEC) to design a small slip form paver capable of placing the polyester concrete in 3/4” up to 6” thick lifts. AEC took on this challenge and they developed the Model APSFP-800 Polyester Slip Form Paver. This paver is capable of paving whatever required thickness Truesdell Corp. requires, and at 12’ wide. The paver has automatic grade control that can be used with string-line or by utilizing Allen’s 30’ averaging skis.

Allen is not new to the polyester concrete overlay industry, and has been involved with polyester concrete since its genesis in the 1980’s. AEC has also offers a larger polyester concrete slip form paver for greater than 6” thick lifts, and for wider than the 12’ widths. Remember, AEC offers the original Razorback® vibratory truss screeds for the smaller jobs.