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Product Spotlight - Allen Mixers

We all know the story about the three little pigs. Little pig one and two had far less than desirable construction methods and poor results when challenged with the wolf’s wind. We like to think that little pig three may have used an Allen mortar mixer for his little house as it withstood the test in grand fashion.

“Team Allen” has been distributing a full line of mortar and concrete mixers for the past year plus, and going into 2016 we will be adding poly tub mixers in both mortar and concrete in the 9cf class. Poly tubs aid in quick and easy clean up - especially if you happen to leave that mixer unattended to fend off some hungry wolf! The all welded structural steel frame and 2” ball hitch provides a solid and secure frame for towing even in the roughest conditions. The idler type transmission provides a positive engagement time and time again, and the engine solidly mounted to the frame ensures less vibration and wear. Powered by the reliable Honda GX240, this 8hp class engine has more than enough power to get any mixing job done quickly and effectively.

Look for the complete line of Allen mortar mixers at your local Allen dealer or rental yard. The moral of this story if little pig one and two had used our mixers, that fable would have had a very different outcome.

Rely on Allen for your concrete and mortar mixing needs!