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Contractor Spotlight - Zacklim Flat Floor Specialists

Located in the heart of Malaysia lies one of the most successful concrete contractors in the country — Zacklim Flat Floor Specialists Sdn. Bhd.

Started in 1984, as "Zacklim Industrial Works Sdn. Bhd.," Zacklim had their big break in concrete in 1998, when they were appointed the main contractor for the construction of the Nestle Distribution Center warehouse — the biggest warehouse in Malaysia at the time. There was one problem — they needed a reputable floor specialist to complete the job. With no one else to turn to (and with the help of Allen dealer Ancon Beton), Zacklim purchased a few riding trowels from Allen Engineering and the rest is history.

Over the years, Zacklim has amassed vast experience in construction of factories, warehouses and clean rooms—including the Nestle Distribution Center and Western Digital. In 2000, Zacklim officially became "Zacklim Floor Specialists Sdn. Bhd.," and completed the IKEA car park, which still stands as one of the most outstanding car parks in the country. Based in Kuala Lumpur, Zacklim has completed jobs in almost half a dozen countries and finished more than 20 million square feet of concrete. We’re proud to have had a long-time relationship over the years with Zacklim as they’ve used the Allen line of ride-on trowels, walk-behind trowels and truss screeds. Zacklim, thank you for your devotion and commitment to Allen Engineering products and we hope to continue our successful relationship together!

Visit the Zacklim Flat Floor Specialists website to learn more about their projects and services.