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Flat Floors

Companies occupying retail space and warehouse operators, for the most part want flat floors. They may be interested in appearance or functionality depending on the intended use of the floor.

It is recommended that the designer/architect/engineer understand the owner’s requirements and specify these parameters in the contract documents in F Numbers.

The FACE Company solved a vague and misunderstood specification about floor tolerances and gave the industry a method to specify and measure floor levelness and flatness in the 1980’s. The F Number system is now an ACI standard and is widely accepted in the industry.


Product Spotlight - Concrete Vibration

Did you know that...

  • Concrete is a combination of a) water, b) cement, c) small aggregate [sand], and d) large aggregate [gravel, rocks & stones].
  • Aggregates are of different sizes and shapes.
  • Cement is the glue that holds all the aggregates together.
  • Water 'kick starts' the process to make the cement become glue for the aggregates (hydration).
  • Placed concrete (from any source) will have trapped air in it – up to 20%.
  • Vibration a) moves and settles the aggregates within the concrete and b) removes the air [consolidates the concrete for additional strength and fills voids in the finished product].
  • Vibration VPM – 11,000 VPM +/- 500 VPM consolidates concrete most effectively.

Dealer Spotlight - Williams Equipment & Supply

"Williams Equipment (based in Memphis, TN) started selling Allen Truss Screeds in the late 70's" quotes Gordon McIntyre. Harry Horn was the Allen salesman in the 1970's who called on the company in those early years.

The two companies, Williams Equipment & Allen Engineering have enjoyed a great business and personal relationship for more than 40 years. "I think most people in the concrete industry recognize that Allen has excellent engineering and manufacturing……so do other companies. In my opinion, the factor which makes Allen unique is what the business school people call "Customer Intimacy."


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