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Helping Build Infrastructure in Miami

Helping Build Infrastructure in Miami with Jones-Benitez and the De Moya Group.


Jones-Benitez utilized the Allen BDF4836B to complete work on a series of bridges in the greater Miami area.

They required the machine to be able to pave on a 30 degree skew angle, while also needing pivot leg plates for the severe cross slopes, and swing legs for the zero clearance needed for the live traffic that would be present during the pours.


The de Moya Group used the Allen BDF6048B to help pave a series of large decks with severe skew angles.

The first deck machine set up was 120’, but with transition truss frames they will be able to extend the machine out to 166’. Placing 150 yards per hour on a deck at a 45 degree skew proved to them and DOT representatives that this was a high productivity paver.