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Employee Spotlight: Karen Davis


For over 18 years, Arkansas native, Karen Davis has been a part of Team Allen. She began her career in accounting, but over time she found a new passion.

Due to Karen’s curious and ambitious nature, she became very interested in Information Technology (IT), and has since become the IT Manager. She really enjoys her position, because it allows her to help others and it is constant improvement alongside an ever advancing industry.

Karen played the lead role in the change of AEC’s ERP system. She saw that the needs of AEC were not being met with the outdated system that was in place and helped AEC find and implement a new system that will serve for years to come.

When asked the biggest thing she has learned during her tenure, she said, “There are many opportunities here if you reach out for them. You’re only limited by your willingness to work hard to achieve them. I’m very grateful to the Allen family for the opportunities they have given me over the years.”

She enjoys doing all types of crafts during her free time, anything from calligraphy and quilting to glass-bead making.

Bet You Didn’t Know: Karen is related to “The King” Elvis Presley through her mother’s family.