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Jobsite Story - TAS Concrete

An Allen rider became a part of history this year. A new system of pouring concrete – called “DuctileCrete®” – is making its way through Texas. It’s a system that eliminates the use of rebar and allows contraction joints to be on 50 foot on centers instead of 12 to 15 feet. This provides a floor that is more dense and less subject to curl, resulting in higher load capacity at a cost competitive with conventional concrete. TAS Commercial Concrete Construction is the regional licensee to perform these pours in the state of Texas.

TAS has been, primarily, a user of competitive riding trowels, but Allen Sales Rep, Kyle Baker, convinced them to give the new Allen MSP450 riding trowel a shot on a DuctileCrete® pour. For Kyle, this newly introduced rider trowel with the patent-pending torque converter drive system was the perfect machine for the job. “You want a nice balance between low-end torque to pan a slab down tight, and good top-speed when you’re closing a floor up”, Kyle said. “This machine is the best of both worlds.”

TAS Placing and Finishing Superintendent, Jerry Bearden, was impressed with the MSP 450 as well. “The machine is outstanding”, he said. “It performed very well and I’d be willing to put it on any job.”

TAS was started by Mark Scully in 1980 as a home based general contracting company and has grown to a Professional Team of over 1,200 employees in two offices serving the Houston and Dallas/Fort Worth commercial markets. “While TAS has seen its fair share of change, one thing will always remain unchanged - our commitment to service.”