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Product Spotlight - Bridge Deck Finisher

As our nation’s roads and bridges continue to age, the Allen Bridge Deck Finisher is quickly becoming the standard choice for contractors in that rebuilding process. With three distinct models and overall span capacities up to 120 feet, Allen can certainly build one to fit your bridge and pavement needs.

The proven Kohler engine is the power of choice on the Model 4836B, 6036B, and 6048B bridge deck finishers. Skew capabilities, hydraulic power legs, power crown kit, six wheel bogie drive system, are just some of the options available to meet today’s bridge contractor’s needs. An independently powered paving carriage with dual 60-inch paving rollers and standard roller tamp will meet or exceed the standards of any engineering specifications.

We at Allen Engineering have taken the time to look at the old reliable finishers of yesterday and believe we have taken the next step in providing efficient, reliable equipment for the road and bridge contractor for today and for tomorrow. Before you drag “old reliable” out of the weeds, consider taking a hard look at the Allen BDF, or at the very least, give us a call, we might be able to help you rebuild that old finisher with new Allen Engineering components.