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Dealer Spotlight - Williams Equipment & Supply

"Williams Equipment (based in Memphis, TN) started selling Allen Truss Screeds in the late 70's" quotes Gordon McIntyre. Harry Horn was the Allen salesman in the 1970's who called on the company in those early years.

The two companies, Williams Equipment & Allen Engineering have enjoyed a great business and personal relationship for more than 40 years. "I think most people in the concrete industry recognize that Allen has excellent engineering and manufacturing……so do other companies. In my opinion, the factor which makes Allen unique is what the business school people call "Customer Intimacy."

Allen understands concrete, the concrete contractor and the concrete finisher very well. I am sure that most of the technological innovations have come from understanding the concrete contractor and what is important to him. With this information Allen's engineers come up with a possible solution that gets field tested and improved based on those results. A good example of this was Allen's early use of pans on riding trowels to achieve higher F-numbers for flatter floors. The civil engineers began to specify a flatness rating and Allen partnered with both contractors and distributors to design machines which would accomplish that."

Gordon continues "as a company we feel that excellent customer service is what the contractors want and, hopefully, what sets us, Williams Equipment, apart. We have signs in every store that ask, "How are We Doing? Text message the president anonymously and tell us about our customer service." Fortunately, the text messages have been very positive. Just this morning I received one from a customer just north of our Jackson, TN office. His text gave his name and he said, "Thank U for the great staff in Jackson TN. Paul, Richard & Wallace got me back going 2 nite. Thanks. "Williams Equipment has some excellent people who really care about the customer."

According to the Memphis Business Journal, Williams Equipment is among the top 100 largest privately owned companies in Memphis and also on the top 100 list for fastest growing dealers. AEC is proud to have Williams Equipment as our Pro Dealer for this important market in the South.