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About Us


Allen Engineering Corporation Team

Product Innovation... Machine Reliability... Outstanding Customer Service...

these are three of the core strengths of Allen Engineering Corporation (AEC). Since our inception in 1964, we have enjoyed many years of providing the concrete industry with new and exciting concrete equipment with over 110 patents and trademarks issued for equipment such as truss screeds, concrete pavers, riding trowels, and composite disks.

Based in Paragould, Arkansas USA; Allen Engineering Corporation is family owned and our equipment is American made. Far from an impersonal assembly line, our hands-on approach assures a quality product from sheet metal and tubular steel to finished machine. At each work station are craftsmen, proud of their work and determined to apply their skills toward a flawless, high quality piece of equipment. Allen Engineering designs, engineers, manufactures and markets equipment for concrete placing, finishing and paving professionals. Our number one goal is Total Customer Satisfaction. Our “Team Allen” approach allows us to stay focused on that goal throughout the design and manufacturing process. From Senior Management to Product Design and Development—to Sales and Customer Service and every work station in the factory—our operation moves forward, motivated by you, our customer.

Keeping pace with the concrete industry is one way that we strive to meet your needs. To this end, Allen has developed a total system of equipment with the help of concrete contractors to meet and exceed today’s tough “F” Number requirements for floor flatness and levelness. Most members of Allen’s Sales Team are certified in “F” Numbers and ACI Finishing Techniques. We support the construction industry by providing classroom-to-field training programs for contractors and their equipment operators to improve their “F” Numbers. A leading innovator in the concrete industry, Allen is known world-wide as a premier, top quality line of concrete placing, finishing and paving equipment. With our eyes trained on the needs of an ever growing and changing industry and unwavering in our insistence on Total Customer Satisfaction, Allen Engineering will continue as a positive, facilitating force in the concrete industry.

We thank YOU, our loyal customers around the world, for your vote of confidence by purchasing and using our equipment. We are here for you, and to that end we will remain on the cutting edge of concrete equipment.